Emergency Podiatrist, John W. Scivally, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S. & Robin K. Lie, D.P.M.

Sometimes some people need to see a podiatrist right away, like for a diabetic foot injury or an ankle sprain. In these non-life-threatening but urgent instances, those people can come to Bay Area Foot and Ankle Associates and see an emergency podiatrist. Call us or come by right away! Serving Walnut Creek, Brentwood, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Pittsburg, Antioch, Alamo, Danville, and Oakley, CA

Emergency Podiatrist Near Me in Walnut Creek, CA
Emergency Podiatrist Near Me in Walnut Creek, CA

What can a podiatrist treat?

A podiatrist can treat any issues a person is having with their lower extremities: the feet, ankles, or heels. Some of the more common issues people have include arthritis, calluses, and sprains. There are also chronic issues a podiatrist can help with, like plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis, and others. A podiatrist can do a great deal to help the health of your feet even if they’re perfectly healthy, like helping you prevent foot issues from occurring in the first place, or perfecting your posture.

It’s important to understand that in some cases, an issue is an emergency, especially for a diabetic person. For this kind of patient, even a seemingly minor foot issue like calluses or a change in foot color can become serious. For a nondiabetic person, a broken foot or another issue can be an emergency. So long as the emergency is non-life-threatening, a podiatrist can handle it, and an emergency podiatrist can handle the issue without the need for an appointment.

What does an emergency podiatrist do?

An emergency podiatrist isn’t necessarily an emergency room (ER) professional. You’ll need to see an ER professional if your issue is life-threatening. That said, an emergency podiatrist can handle minor emergencies—that is, issues that aren’t life-threatening, like a common diabetic wound, a broken ankle, a tendon rupture, a foot sprain, plantar fasciitis, or a painful neuroma.

You can go see an emergency podiatrist for any minor but urgent issue. The nice thing about seeing an emergency podiatrist over your primary care doctor or a regular podiatrist is that the emergency podiatrist can see you right away, often without the need for booking an appointment beforehand. An emergency podiatrist can actually see you sooner than an ER professional because the ER has to handle life-threatening issues before they handle non-life-threatening ones. Here at Bay Area Foot and Ankle Associates, we have emergency podiatrists you can come see right away for a same-day appointment. They can provide surgery when necessary.

Can you self-refer to a podiatrist?

Yes, you can self-refer to a podiatrist! You don’t need a referral from another professional like a general practitioner. This means that if you have a minor but urgent foot-related issue today and haven’t seen us yet, you can just call or come by our clinic for a same-day appointment and immediate care. Yes, our clinic can see you for a walk-in, no referral and no appointment necessary!

Do you have an emergency podiatrist in Walnut Creek, CA?

Bay Area Foot and Ankle Associates has two fully capable emergency podiatrists in Dr. John W. Scivally DPM FACFAS and Dr. Robin K. Lie DPM. Either of them would be happy to see you for a same-day appointment. Our clinic actually has two locations in Walnut Creek, so please see our Locations page for the one nearest you, and feel free to come by today to see an emergency podiatrist. We’re open for you Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. You can also call us if you’d like to make a same-day appointment with us.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!